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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your most popular wedding package?

Event Management seems to be the most popular option for more couples' budgets. However, for those that want a blissful and stressless planning period, the Partial or Full Service packages allow for a more enjoyable and relaxing engagement.

Do you offer rentals or linens?

At this time, we do not offer rentals or linens. If you prefer to rent rather than purchase decor, we can recommend vendors that offer those items. We may provide items to rent in the future, though!

Do you provide an emergency kit?

Yes, this included in your investment! In our kit, we include items such as a small first aid kit, sewing kit, spray deodorant, scissors, candle lighters, hairspray, facial wipes, mints, pens, and so much more.

We do not offer food or snacks in our emergency kit in order to avoid any allergic reactions.

Why should I hire an event coordinator when my venue comes with one?

A venue coordinator, also known as a venue manager, might be able to assist with the timeline, but prioritizes anything related to the venue. This could include maintaining the bar, setting up chairs and tables, cleaning up spills, cleaning the property, flipping the space for the next event, etc. They are less likely to assist the couple directly and personally throughout the entire event day.

An event coordinator or wedding planner is hired to decorate, execute all details and attend to the couple personally. This could be anything from decorating, making a last minute run for extra items, assisting the photographer with the photo call list, greeting guests, running the processional, moving decor and florals from ceremony to reception, and SO much more. 

Is the entire cost required upfront or do you offer payment plans?

We require a 25% deposit at the time of contract signing. The remainder of the fee can be paid as three separate installments (25% each) or as one lump sum. The last payment must be received no later than seven (7) days prior to the event.

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

Not at the moment, but we're always looking for other small businesses to work side-by-side with! The list of our favorites is growing. As soon as it's complete, we will add it to our client portal.

Do you travel outside of Kansas for events?

We have not traveled for a wedding outside of Kansas yet, but we absolutely would! Our pricing reflects costs for events in Kansas, so we would need to adjust accordingly to reflect to travel costs and lodging needs.

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