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Welcome to KM Coordination

It’s All in the Details

Are you stressing the small stuff? Feeling like you're on an island, making big decisions alone? You shouldn't feel that way and you don't have to.

I want to be in your corner!

Here at KM Coordination, I aim to support each couple, advocating for their dream wedding steadfastly. Whether it be taking on day-of questions, decorating (so you don't have to), or maybe sewing that button that popped off, I am there to help in any way to make YOUR day run smooth and as you envisioned.

Ready to take the leap together?

I am!

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Kelsey is certified under the mentorship program, The Union Mastermind, sponsered by Jamie Wolfer of Wolfer & Co. The investment includes a six (6) month course (minimum) that builds the fundamentals of business basics while tailoring specifically to the wedding community, monthly collaboration calls, and consistent support. Jamie preaches community over competition and it resonated with Kelsey so much, she took a leap of faith to learn as much as she could to bring the best services to her clients. 

Kelsey is included in a select list,The Union Network, of like-minded professionals completing this mentorship within the U.S.A. and abroad. She is the only certified professional within the State of Kansas.

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